A New Beginning 

Good morning.  This is a new beginning for me. I have never blogged before but currently got interested into blogging. I have so much that I would like to share to others who may feel the same but don’t know how/what to say it or how/what to do. I plan on making this journey an adventure. What you will see from me is a variety of everything. I’m also a military girl so you might see a few of my experiences and I also have my own business which you will see that as well. I pray that you will enjoy this blog. Have a blessed day.



Quote of the Day

Accept responsibility for your financial future.

Sexual Health 

Do you enjoy getting your vagina eaten or eating vagina? Well, let’s talk about the taste of the juices from the vagina. Did it ever taste bitter, salty, sweet or fruity? If it has it’s all that your partner has been eating. Certain food changes the taste of the vagina. Did you know spicy goods, broccoli and asparagus cause a nasty taste. Yes, green vegetables cause a nasty taste of the vagina. I love broccoli and asparagus. So, guess I will be slowing down on eating my vegetables. However eating pineapples, cranberries, honey, berries, yogurt, and peppermint make the vagina taste good. If you love your vagina and enjoy getting it pleasured then you need to make sure you are feeding it the proper foods. If you enjoy eating your partner’s vagina take care of your partner. Spoil them with fruit and yogurt because Vagina Lives Matters as well.

What Would You Do

What Would You Do

If I was to lay on your chest
It starts to feel right
Then I start to cry 
Would you just hold me tight.

What Would You Do

If I was in the kitchen 
With nothing but your shirt on
Flipping some cakes
Are you coming to break my concentration

What Would You Do

If I decided to do lunch
Make your favorite dish
Would you attend
Knowing that it’s just a picnic

What Would You Do

If I sent you on a scavenger hunt
After a long day of work
Where you search the house for clues
Ending with me on the bed waiting for you

What Would You Do

If I have a bubble bath waiting
With a glass of Hennessey
Your robe in my hand
Stand by to give you the next command

What Would You Do

If I have you lay on the bed
On your stomach preferably
Pour hot oil in hand
Massaging your back having you say this is the best in your head

What Would You Do

If I had you to flip over
On to your back side
Rubbing my hands up and down your chest
Have you squirming just to grab my waist

Now it’s only fair that I let you play

So What Would I Do

If you gave me a milk bath
Take your time to dry me off
Explore my body while I’m restrained and blindfolded
Your tongue tasting my body
While pouring and massaging warm oils
Throwing in occasional spanks
Taking your time to kiss both sets of lips
Especially the one below
Have me jump and shake until I explode


I’m currently reading “I Almost Forgot About You” by Terry McMillan. The book is about a Doctor (Georgia) who has a wonderful life, great friends, family, and a successful career as an optometrist. All of her accomplishment does not take away her feeling of being stuck and restless. She decides to make some major changes in her life by quitting her job, downsizing her home, and going on a journey to find a second chance at love. Georgia’s bravery reminds you not to take chances with your life and your heart.


Georgia’s journey consists of her taking a train (AMTRAK) ride. I have never ridden on a train. Reading this book got me interested in wanting to take a vacation on a train ride. So I did some research on AMTRAK on their vacation packages. They have a variety of different packages such as Rail Getaways, Independent Rail Journey, Roundtrip Vacations, Rail Experiences, National Parks, Rail & Sail Vacations, Coast to Coast, and Family Adventures. The prices for these adventures are reasonable prices. You can find a package that will not break the bank.


I looked and found a Package that I’m interested in. It’s a Grand Canyon Rail Getaway from Flagstaff. I have never been to neither places and I’m sure it would be a wonderful sight to see. It’s a round trip with a 2-night hotel accommodation, with a Colorado River Float and Jeep Tour. The train makes its way through the beautiful ponderosa forests on its way to the Canyon’s South Rim. The tour will also be full of stories, jokes, and important facts about the Canyon and the surrounding area.


My goal is to take my very first train adventure 2018.

Bad Chick

You say you want a bad chick

But do you know what a bad chick is

You think a cute face, big breast, small waist and a fast ass is a bad chick

All that is, is a brick house 
A bad chick is a woman that goes out and make it happen

She never tells anyone what moves she makes

Just goes out there and do jt and have you looking
See looks don’t describe a bad chick

They come in every color, shape, size, and religion 

How you know she a bad chick just watch how she moves
When you do come across a bad chick

Be careful  because it’s a group of them

She is a strong will, power driven woman

Got a strong head on her shoulders 
Do you want a bad chick now

Can you handle a bad chick

But you did say you wanted one.